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Living in a body so wrong - poem about gender dysphoria

'Living in a body, so wrong. I know I don't belong.'

Gender dysphoria is the awful thing many transgender and non-binary people struggle with. Looking in the mirror, and not seeing yourself.

I have struggled with this as long as I can remember. Only, I never realised what it was. I thought I just had a low self-esteem, or just hadn't found the right clothes and hairstyle yet. Every time I would see something or hear something about transgender people, I would wonder 'is that me?'.

I didn't feel like a girl, but I knew I wasn't a guy either.

'I am a stranger in this body I own. How will I make it a home?'

Now I know I am non-binary. I can look into a mirror, and see myself. And often, I still experience dysphoria. But now I know what it is and what I can do about it.


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