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Not my tomatoes! - an upcoming 2D animated movie

My next big project is very ambiguous: creating a full length 2D animated movie. I have barely any experience with 2D animation, apart for the short 'De reis van de ruit'. I have done some research, and tried a few different apps for animation. Eventually, I discoverd Adobe's Character Animator, together with Photoshop, works the best for me.

The story

The movie 'Not my tomatoes!' is about Fannar, an ice elemental, who is supposed to safe the world. The world is burning, because his sister Nisha, the fire elemental, wants to burn it down. Only Fannar can stop the fires, but he only cares about his tomatoes. Cahaya, his daughter which he didn't know existed, tries to safe the world on her own after Fannar stopped trying. Together with her girlfriend, Noa, and others, Cahaya searches for a way to stop Nisha from burning down the world.


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