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A Meeting with

A short movie by Skyler Muller

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The Story

Time is moving slowly. His tasks are boring. Frank is constantly staring at the clock while working. A stranger suddenly sits on his desk, and the clock has disappeared. Time is curious about Frank's obsession. Why does he want the time to go faster?

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The character

Time is trying to escape who she is. She doesn't want to live in a world where everything passes her by, where there is no point to her existence.

She wants to warn Frank for the choices he makes, but is fascinated at the same time.

Why is someone constantly staring at the clock? Why would someone want the time to move faster? Why would you waste time, if it is so very limited?


Her own life is the life she is warning Frank about:

If the time moves fast enough, there is only light left. No people, no events.’

‘There are jobs you could be happy at, do you really think you could find that here?’ ​​

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Behind the

"The idea for this short movie comes from my experience with the education system. School was really boring, and I found myself staring at the clock, constantly. At some point, I started seeing the clock as 'my best friend'.

I was fourteen when I wrote the script. I tried to cope with being trapped in the education system. Years later, when I actually started making the movie, I realised I am not the only one staring at the clock, longing to go home."


- Skyler Muller

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