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Change can help you grow

The water is constantly changing. It is used to change, and you are used to it changing. But what if it suddenly stopped changing? That would be a big change.

We change, bit by bit. But suddenly, we have to change the way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate. This can be confusing, I know, but it can help you grow as well.

"Everything with a start will have an end. So enjoy it while it lasts."

You might be wondering why I say 'enjoy'. You might not be able to go to work, or see your friends, but does this mean this situation has to be something totally negative? No. Everything in your life is changing because of coronavirus. The entire world is changing. New solutions are found. We discover how we can work from home. I am not saying coronavirus is a positive thing, I am just saying it's not completelybad. When this situation is over, you will find the world has changed. (People will have too much toilet paper) We will have learned to work from home, and trust me: you will enjoy working from home once you are used to it.

Discover who you are

This is a time to discover who you are. You have so much time to spend alone, don't spend it watching Netflix! Discover what you love to do. Get to know yourself. Discover your strengths and your weaknesses. Grow! Use this time, because you have it now. Do what you have always wanted to do (as long as you can do it at home). Pick up new hobbies, now is the time! You could learn to draw, paint, sing or do yoga. Don't waste this time.


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