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Thought twists

Why I created this work: I created this work for the subject Art at school. The task was to create an artwork about yourself. I decided to focus on the depth of my thoughts and my creativity, because those things are most important to me.

Materials: To describe the materials I used, I will start with the bottom part. The bell jar is made of glass, and the bottom of that is made of wood. The drawings are made on paper, and put in a 3D printed disk. The top part is a french knitted cord, and is held with iron wire.

Description: this artwork represents my head and my thoughts. To explain the story properly, I will divide the artwork in 2 parts:

Bottom part:

The outer layer are my face and my hair, to give the impression you are looking in my head. In the center, there are many layers with drawings, which show things about me. Some of the drawings represent my hobby's, and there is a drawing of the earth as well, which points out I want to make the world a better place. There is a QR-code as well, which leads to a video, to give the artwork even more depth. Some of the drawings are realistic, others are abstract. The rest of the bottom part is black with stars, to make it resemble the universe, to make it look even bigger.

You can look though the layers, when you look at it from the side. It looks like some of the layers are invisible. I have chosen for this, because I can make myself almost invisible sometimes. You do see my ideas, but you don't see me.

When you look straight at the face, you only see the face and not all those layers. I have chosen for this to show most people don't see what happens in my head.

You can look at it from different perspectives, you constantly see different things. I have chosen to do this, because everyone sees me different.

Top part:

The cords represent my ideas and questions. They bang against the glass, though which cracks in the glass are created. I have chosen to add this, because there are so many ideas in my head which want to get out, but can't.


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