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A shelter in the storm

Sunny soul

Let the sun fill my soul
Let its warmth heat my heart
and let us never part
For the fire melts my heart
For the sun lets my soul shine
For the warmth in my heart
and the sun in my soul
can make this world whole.


Art can make

this world

a better place.

Photography, film, drawing, painting and so much more...


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About me

I am Claudia Muller,

a Dutch artist. 

Painting, photography,

drawing, poetry, I love it all. 

Behind most of my bigger

works, which can be found on

the page 'Art', there's a deeper

meaning. I think it's important

to create art which doesn't only

look great, but which tells a

story as well. 

Art can make this world a better place.


Some articles are only available in Dutch, sorry.

About me
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